Sunday, July 19, 2009


Sorry about the delayed posting- We've been home for a few weeks now, and are falling behind on current events!  Hopefully we can get all caught up to the present soon! For now- since it's past my bedtime, I'll just let you all know that we're in Boise, working on a climbing gym with Cody's former employer, John Stack of Vertical Solutions.  Check out their blog for photos and info! 

I'm off to live the more literal dream...zzzzzzzz......

Photo Update: Segovia


Yum!  Sangria with a view of the Roman Aqueduct in beautiful Segovia.

The view of the street and cathedral from our pensione. 

The beautiful Spanish countryside as seen from the castle.

Our Pensione.  
(Just kidding.  This is actually the Royal Bedroom in the Castle of Segovia)
I don't think this was made for a child... there are actually spanish people of this size.

Can you find Beth?

Surveying the kingdom from the top of the castle.  

Monday, July 13, 2009

Photo Update: Valencia and Madrid

On the train to Valencia, watching the Mediterranean fly by. 

Delicious Horchata de Chufa- A Valencian Speciality.
(Those little nuts are chufa- they're kind of like little sweet dried potatoes.)

The enormous market in Valencia.

The National Library in Madrid. 
(¡Me gusta los libros!)

Patatas Bravas in Madrid
(Potatoes covered in a spicy tomato sauce)

Plaza Central in Madrid

Amazing Peacocks in the Royal Gardens of Madrid

And their friends, the devil swans. 
(Just kidding. The black swans were very friendly.)

The Royal Palace of Madrid.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Photo Update: Barcelona

Inside the Sant Josep Market on La Rambla
Lots of amazing food!

(After shopping in the Sant Josep Market)

On our way to the beach.  We had such beautiful weather!

At the Plaza de Catalunya

Overlooking Barcelona from the top of the Cathedral de la Sagrada Familia

Beautiful fountains on the way to AC/DC!

Angus (not-so) Young. 
But still kickin'. Literally. 

Back in Black.