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Beth was raised on Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Cody was raised in Star Valley, Wyoming.
We met in Yosemite National Park in 2006, and began climbing together.


In 2009, we got married, also in Yosemite National Park, and moved into our 1984 Toyota Van.  We traveled all over the Western US, in search of fantastic rock climbing.  

 In 2012, we began building our dream Sailboat.  She was launched in 2014.  

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  1. Enjoyed reading your article in 48 North and your blog about building the boat and getting it out here. Thought I had to write since we have some connections: I climbed in Yosemite as well (back in the 1970s), the first boat my wife and I had came with a Seagull of the same vintage as what you had (and every bit as reliable), and we have anchored in that tiny cove by Toe Point on Patos: we call it the Toehold.
    We'll look for you next summer in the Salish Sea!
    Will & Joan Miller