Design Specs

Rabannah 29 foot Custom Cutter

Length on Deck
Length overall
11600 lbs.
Sail Area
505 sq. ft.
Prismatic Coefficient
Bridge Clearance
Hull Speed


Plywood/Cold Molded

Frames: Douglas Fir w/marine ply gussets
Keel: Douglas Fir
Hull:  Marine Grade Fir Plywood
Deck: Marine Grade Fir Plywood w/ ¼” tight grain VG fir planking
Spars: Douglas Fir
Trim: African Mahoghany
Bowsprit: Douglas Fir
Boomkin: African Mahoghany
Toerails: African Mahoghany

The Rig:

Rabannah is Cutter rigged with a removable inner forestay.  The jib is raised using a car that slides out the bowsprit, meaning we never have to go out on the sprit unless we want to.  We are still perfecting our systems and are playing around with different sail configurations.  Like all things, she is a work in progress.

Lines Drawing: 

The horizontal line is the Designed Water Line.

Interior Layout: 

Late in the build we switched the orientation of the aft cabin to sleep athwartships, otherwise this photo is accurate.

Lines Drawing: 

The Inner line is the designed waterline, the outer line is the sheer.

Here is a condensed video showing the building process. 

 If you're interested in more detail you can read the blog starting here.  

We're happy to answer any additional questions you may have, and you can contact us by commenting here, or via email-  

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  1. Had to come check out your blog again now that I'm not looking at in on a phone with sketchy wi-fi in some San Juan anchorage! I just watched the video of you all building Rabannah. I have so many words of admiration and respect and at the same time I'm speechless. To build your own boat must be an incredible commitment to a dream. I cannot even grasp how much you all had to learn and comprehend to complete such a lofty goal. MAJOR kudos. And I find it absolutely awesome that we met you all at a moment in time where Living the Dream was exactly what we were all doing! Hope to be in the same place at the same time again soon. Take care!