Friday, March 13, 2009

On the road again... just can't wait to get on the road again...

After the last few days of fixing van problems, we are finally packed up, the road atlas is open on the table, and we're hitting the road at 7:30 tomorrow morning.  We'll be heading to Bishop California, at the base of the Sierra Nevada for a week of bouldering.  The little town of Bishop is surrounded by heaps of boulders, from the beautiful golden granite of the Buttermilk Area, to the twin canyons strewn with volcanic tuff. We'll camp out among the sage- walking distance from the Buttermilks. The weather should be phenomenal, the climbing superb, and the company rowdy and fun. Spring Break, here we come!

My second favorite thing about Bishop is Schat's Bakery- an old-fashioned bakery that reminds me of the Poulsbo Bakery back home- but bigger. Full of amazing pastries, fresh loaves of bread, Scandinavian decorations.... An excellent way to start a day of hard bouldering!

In packing the van for this trip, Cody and I have come to a realization. When we move into the van after our wedding, we will have very limited space- we really cannot fit anything more than what we already have. This means that we will not be able to pack any wedding gifts- the traditional blender or set of China will have no place in the van. So, please, no presents but your presence at the wedding! When we eventually decide to settle down, perhaps we'll have a housewarming shower or something like that. But as of now, the van is at max capacity!

We're off to live the dream for the week amidst sunshine and perfect granite...

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