Tuesday, December 1, 2009

20 Days in.

Okay. Deep breath. Focus. Muster up motivation to update the blog.

Alright. I'm ready. After a long day at work, it takes some oomph to start writing instead of zoning out in front of the tube. But, here I am, finally. It's been 20 days since we arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina, and unfortunately, we haven't seen much of the South except the inside of the climbing gym. The job is cruising along though, so at least we have something to show for our time here.
The prow of the free-standing boulder. Pretty cool, huh?

Cody just finished the second and final layer of plywood sheeting on the toprope wall, which means that he can help me with my jobs: filling the cracks with wood putty, drilling out the holes for the T-nuts, and sanding. John called my jobs "remedial" today- which made me laugh. I think he meant "menial," which they certainly are, but I'm not sure what they remedy- my wimpiness, perhaps? Or maybe my patience? Menial as the work may be, I can still listen to my ipod as I work, which keeps me sane and happy.

I've been downloading podcasts recently, to try and engage my brain a little. Podcasts are pretty amazing little bits of technology- today I listened to David McCullough talk about "Why History Matters," and Michael Pollan discuss "Where our food comes from." It's so cool to be able to listen to smart people discussing interesting and relevant topics whenever and wherever for free! So, work is going well. Cody and I will be home on Bainbridge for Christmas, most certainly. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving break- I'll have to tell that story another evening. Because now, it's time for bed.

I hope you all are out there living your dreams. I know we are. Well, sorta.

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