Monday, April 5, 2010

Life in SLC

I apologize for my recent inactivity on the blog! Let's bring you all up to speed on recent events in our world.

After we left Hueco, we headed to Las Vegas with our good friends PJ and Sarah Mannion, as we mentioned in our last post. It was a great trip, but some bad weather sent us packing after a few days. We headed to Salt Lake City, where we decided to settle down for a little while, find some work, and take a break from the nomadic lifestyle.

We camped out on the Mannion's den floor for a few days while searching for an apartment and work. We finally found a great little place with a month to month lease, and set about moving in- acquiring some basic furniture, dishes, etc. We were still on the lookout for jobs, but with the economy the way it is, there weren't that many jobs to be had. So, being creatures of habit, we ended up back at the jobs we had the last time we lived in Salt Lake. I'm working the front desk at The Front Climbing Club, and Cody is working with John Stack and Vertical Solutions, building the new Front Climbing Club in Ogden.

We did take one little trip after arriving in Salt Lake- we headed to Bishop, CA with some friends for their spring break. We had some great weather, and got some good climbing in on the pristine buttermilk granite, and enjoyed the variety offered by the Volcanic Tablelands nearby.

We soaked in the hot springs in the evenings, ate too much at Erick Schat's Bakkery, and generally enjoyed the company of good friends in a familiar and lovely place. (I will admit, the trip made us wonder what we had been thinking when we moved back to SLC...).

Cody climbing at the Happy Boulders, spotted by our good friend Brian Dunnohew.

Rory, the little westie I befriended at the Happy Boulders.

(Isn't he cute?!)


Our buddy Ian. He ran around the boulders in this getup, yelling "METAL!" and climbing hard things. A good reminder that most climbers take themselves waaaay to seriously.

We're back in Salt Lake now, working mostly. It is fun to live in a place where we have lots of friends and things to do. Working helps put the fun in perspective- After spending so much time without an agenda, without work or rent or nagging to-do lists, I begun to take all the fun for granted. Now, working 40 hours a week, paying the rent and trying to put a little aside for later, I can't wait to ditch town again- to move back in the van and spend my days seeking out the best climbs, the best weather, and the company of faraway friends.

At the beginning of the month Cody and I gave our landlord 30 days notice. We're outta here again at the end of the month! I think we'll head to Wyoming, to Laramie for some trad climbing, if Vedauwoo is thawed out by then. If not, we'll go south and wait for the warmer spring weather to arrive. We've got enough money for the summer, so why spend more time working? We're young and unattached. Carpe Diem! Gather ye rosebuds while ye may! Live the Dream, I say!

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