Monday, July 26, 2010

Life in Lingle

Cody and I are currently in Lingle, Wyoming, with the Greenwald family. Our good friend Kelby Scott spends his summers working on his sister and brother-in-law's farm.  He invited us to come work with him for a week or so, and he and Cody have been hard at it all week!    

The Greenwalds grow corn and alfalfa, and also run a feedlot of about 2000 cattle.  This is a photo of the freshly swathed alfalfa field outside of the house.  Kaylee swathed it herself!  She even let me do a row-  I managed to drive the swather in a nice straight line.  After swathing, the hay is baled and fed to the cattle.  

Did you know alfalfa has purple flowers?  I didn't either!

Acres and acres of corn!  The Greenwalds use "round-up ready" corn, so they can use round-up to kill the weeds, but not the corn.  The corn is almost 7 feet tall, and will grow to 10 feet when they harvest.  The feed almost all the corn to the cattle come harvest time-  They keep some of it to eat themselves!   

Kaylee and Makenna raise goats for their 4-H club.  This is Peaches, a nigerian dwarf goat.  Currently, she's about as wide as she is tall,  and is expected to have her babies sometime this month! 

After milking the goats, we funnel it into clean beer bottles and feed it to the kids.  The Alpine goats give   about 2 gallons a day!  We made some fudge from goat milk, and attempted to make cheese, but the recipe didn't work out...  We'll try again this week! 

Some hungry kiddos!  These guys drink 2-3 bottles of milk every morning and night.  They've grown so much in the past week!  

There are lots of baby animals around.  These barn kittens will handle the mouse population when they get a bit bigger!  

Sweet Emma-  one of the family Welsh Corgi's.  

One of the many beautiful spots around the farm!  

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