Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time flies!

Oh man.  It's been FAR too long.  
I'm a little embarassed to say that I still have Thanksgiving photos to post. 
Sheesh.  What a slacker.

We spent Thanksgiving with the Allens on the Oregon Coast. 
Great food, wonderful time with family, and the roaring ocean.
Does it get any better?
On the beach
(with my hubby)
(and my new boots!)

My Mom, Dad, Uncle Dave, and Aunt Cynthia. 
No one's having any fun.  Not at all.  

The cozy beach house!  

So, now that those are out of the way, I can get to photos from the current month!  
My Dad planned a trip to Whistler a few months ago, and invited a few of his friends.  A week before he planned to leave, his buddies bailed. 
 When Dad invited Cody and I to come, and we jumped on the offer. What a treat. 

Oh yeah. Hello, Whistler. 

This was Cody's first time riding Whistler. 
I think he liked it.  

The pro.  He burned out our legs with ease.  

It was a lovely ski trip, punctuated by fabulous meals, dips in the hot tub, 10 inches of fresh powder,
 and quality time spent with my two favorite men.    

We got home from Whistler, turned right back around, and headed to Vancouver with the rest of the family.  

Vancouver is a big and bustling city- The Los Angeles of Canada.
It was fun to spend a couple days in such an urbane setting.  

On our first evening in town, my parents surprised us with tickets to go see a play.  The local theatre on Granville Island was showing a production of "It's a Wonderful Life."  We had such a lovely time-  The play was fantastic; great acting and such a meaningful story.  I left with tears in my eyes. 

We met this dapper little fellow while out doing some Christmas shopping.  

What city slickers!  
The lovely Allen ladies, laden with goodies after a day of shopping. 

Vancouver at Twilight.  

We stayed in the swank Club Intrawest rooms , which occupy the top three floors of the Sheraton Wall Center in downtown Vancouver.  The building is new, and is an oblong shape, kind of like a football.  The gently curving hallways and floor-to-ceiling windows provide an air of sophistication and glamour.  Not to mention a killer view of the city.  

The above photo was taken from the dock where Cody and I caught the water bus over to Granville Island, to see the market.  The water bus is a cute little bathtub of a boat that crosses the small inlet of water that splits Vancouver.

Isn't it just darling?  
(And you can bet your christmas socks that Cody and I were scoping out the Marina too! Hmm..  Summer in Vancouver?)  

Christmas photos to come soon!  
I promise I won't let another two months go by!  

Hope you all are living your dreams!  

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