Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Shop

We are finally settled into our little shop.  We moved in on the first and spent a few days remodeling.  The boat has to be built diagonally in the shop, so we had to remove most of the existing loft that was in the shop.  We kept one small section for my office, which we have dubbed the "treehouse".  After we were done remodeling I got caught up doing some light manufacturing work, so the shop was tied up for the last week.  But we are off and running now!  So far, the strongback is built, and we are in the process of building the frames for the hull. 

Welcome to Shop 61. 
This is the original Loft area that the previous tenant built.

The crew (Rumsy is volunteering)

We wrapped the treehouse in plastic to try and keep dust out.  So far its working well.

This is where I host corporate luncheons, and big business meetings.  Or where my brain melts down with measurements and last minute design changes!

The Strong Back.  The cross pieces are where the frames will go, the cable running down the center is the control line to get everything in the right place.

So far the psych is high and things are going really well. 

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