Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Busy Month

We have a lot of ground to cover in this post, so I wont bore you with loads of text.  It has been a month since our last post, here are some pictures to try and explain what has been going on.

North Carolina Beach Trip

The beach trip in NC wouldn't be complete without a bucket of very alive blue crabs.

This is a food we invented during our stay at the beach, we call it the Corn Hog.  Its like a corn dog, but the breading is made from hush puppy batter.  It tasted only slightly better than it looks.

A sale on spandex inspired the outfits for a night of roller skating.

In between our beach trip and the climbers festival we got to watch this sweet dauschund puppy.  Her name is Lola 

Butterflies and white limestone of the Wild Iris

I helped my friend Brian Dunnohew bolt a new route at the Iris, he named it "Wrong end of a gun" and  the grade is 5.11c.  It actually turned out pretty cool, its in an area of the Ok Corral that is pretty much all newly bolted routes.

Crate stacking is always fun to watch, but this year it was absolutely amazing.  When we first saw this girl we all figured she would fall on crate 5 or 6, being so small adds a lot of difficulty.  She did really well, she is at 13 crates in this picture.

Dylan found a giant bowl of free popcorn, but there were only dixie cups to take some back to where we were sitting.  We solved the problem like a kid who lost his candy bag on halloween.

Beth Sewing the sail for her dinghy.


Rubbing the seams of sailcloth together with her homemade ebony seam rubber.

The boat has had very slow visual progress, so slow that I can't even see it.  I have been doing what is called fairing, basically just using thickened epoxy to smooth out any lumps in the hull.  It is a lot like auto body work, but on a much larger scale.  The only way to tell if its still lumpy is to run you hand over the whole boat and feel for the slightest highs and lows.

Beth faired her dinghy and you can see the purple epoxy has filled in all the low spots, making a smooth surface.

I use this large flimsy trowel to spread out the goo, it works pretty well, but took some practice to get the hang of it.

Wednesday night races,  a beautiful evening on the Great Salt Lake.

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