Saturday, July 19, 2014

Whisker Poles, Rainbows, and Life Afloat

We had a great and productive stay in Eagle Harbor.  The weather continued to be lovely- so lovely that we took turns diving off the bowsprit!  We didn't linger in the water, but it felt great.  
 Chilly, but refreshing!  

Super-Sunset in Eagle Harbor...  I couldn't stop taking photos.  

If  you could turn away from the sunset, there was a double, reflected rainbow arching over Seattle and the ferry in the distance.  What a night!  

We met a fellow cruiser in Eagle Harbor- our new friend Roy, aboard Mabrouka.  He is participating in a cruiser's rally called the Coho-ho-ho, which runs from Seattle to San Francisco and on to San Diego.  He graciously invited us to the final rally seminar on weather in Seattle one night.  It was cool to get to meet like-minded people, and feel encouraged that it's not so scary to sail in the big bad ocean  (as long as proper preparations are made and safety precautions are taken).  

Roy was also a Naval Architect,  and didn't gasp in horror while we showed him around our boat, so that was reassuring.    

When we weren't goofing around, we built ourselves a whisker pole.  

 A whisker pole holds the forward sail out to the side of the boat, perfect for running wing and wing.  Here it is holding out the drifter...

And the Yankee.   These photos were taken while on our way from Apple Tree Cove in Kingston to Port Ludlow.  What a fantastic day of sailing!  Perfect wind, pods of dolphin, a few container ships to keep us on our toes...  

We spent a peaceful night in Port Ludlow yesterday, and explored the neat Inner Harbor there.  

Today, we're anchored in Port Townsend, and preparing to cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca on our way to the San Juan Islands.  Exciting stuff!  

The dream lives!  


  1. Nice work...there is a lot of cool ports a-bow!

  2. HOW FRIGGIN' AWESOME! You two are my heroes, and will be hearing more from me and my boyfriend who are wanting to do close to the same thing you 2 are doing! Way to be! I just finished 1300 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and my next big goal is sailing with my boyfriend. You know, be nomads for a while. :) Keep it up, and way to push through all those crazy obstacles!