Monday, June 8, 2009

Barcelona Update!

Whew! I can´t believe it´s only been a few days since we posted last!

We´re in Barcelona, writing from our cute little hostel. We´ve spent the past few days exploring the city, visiting old cathederals, hanging out at the beach, and wandering the markets. There is a lot to see and do! Yesterday, after a lazy morning and early afternoon spent lounging on the beach and swimming in the Mediterannean, we went in search of this park that we´d heard had some rock climbing in it. It supposedly had a tunnel that climbers had taken over and turned into a gym of sorts, with climbing holds bolted to the concrete walls. We found the art museum on our way, and ended up sitting on a bench in front, just taking in the beautiful view of the city. As we sat there, we began to notice a large number of people walking by wearing AC/DC t-shirts.

When we decided to continue on to find the tunnel, we saw even more AC/DC fans streaming towards the stadium here. There was a concert that night! We wandered along, people watching, and soon we were offered some tickets. At first the guy wanted 80 euro a piece, but since we only had roughly 120 euro on us, we were able to talk him down- we ended up giving him all our money- 120 euro, four US dollars, and a handful of change- but still ended up paying him less for the ticket than he bought them for. Score!

The show didn´t start for a few more hours, so we went looking for the tunnel again- and found it. It´s awesome- we´re heading there today with our shoes and chalkbags. We grabbed some Paella for dinner and headed in to the show.

Needless to say, AC/DC was rockin´. Those guys may be getting on in years, but they can still put on a really good show. The stadium was packed full of psyched Spainards wearing light-up devil horns and screaming along with the music. We were at the front of the first balcony- which was pretty far away from the stage, but I was much happier there than I would have been on the packed floor. We had a great view of the crowd and the stage- and the giant video screens let us see all the sweat dripping off Angus Young´s balding head as he scorched our faces with his guitar solos. What an awesome night.

Photos to follow! (The old computer here doesn´t have a USB port!)

Well... off to another day of living the dream!

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