Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo Smorgasbord: Cruising Godspeed

It's hard to believe that Cody and I have been aboard Godspeed for two weeks already! The days have just flown. We have also decided to extend our stay for a little while longer, in order to cross the gulf stream and make it to the Bahamas. Our original plan was to fly back to the van on the 3rd, but the weather window for crossing has just opened, and we're setting sail tomorrow! We'll fly out of Nassau in a week or so. The weather has been beautiful, but I won't say too much about it, since most of you are in the cold, rainy, snowy, wintry places of the world at the moment. Hopefully these pictures help to bring some florida sunshine into your day.

Sunset in Boot Key Harbor! Glorious.

Adjusting the headsail. Cody and I have learned a lot about sailing since we've been here. Pretty fun stuff!

Cody at the helm.

Sunset at Turtle Island, one of our anchorages as we headed up to Miami.

Under way! The wind wasn't quite what we wanted, but we were able to motor sail for a while.

Is that a fish? I think so...

Oh yeah! Spanish Mackerel for dinner!
Another one?

Bigger than the first!

Learning to fillet. Yummy!

What a beautiful way to travel.

Miami Skyline

Coming in to Miami. We crossed under several bridges, some drawbridges, some were tall enough to just motor under.

We're making our final preparations for our crossing tomorrow- stocking up on food, fresh water and fuel. Pat's been checking the weather obsessively. Everything looks good... So off we go!

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  1. Great post, Very cool Mexico pics. The sailing pics are great too. Keep safe,
    Mom & Dad Harris (Salty Dawgs)