Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photo Update: Hueco and the High Seas

A three day stop in Hueco Tanks was great fun on our way east. It has been called the Bouldering Mecca of the west- and for good reason. The rock is like something out of a fairy tale, perfectly sculpted for climbing, and relatively friendly on the fingers. I think we'll stop there again on our way back west. We sampled a only a tiny portion of the climbing Hueco has to offer.
Cody on his flash attempt of Mexican Chicken, V6. He fell at the lip! Hueco is full of overhanging, thuggish, burly climbing, like this route!

We saw so many familiar faces in Hueco. We ran into a small crew of 307ers, (from Wyoming) one morning, and the next day found our friend Shannon in the check-in office. Shannon was the head route-setter at the Front Climbing Club when I worked there, and he's in Hueco for about a month. He knows the place well, and was able to show us around some cool areas. Here he's working on Free Willy, V10.

Cody quickly dispatched Babyface, V7. A friendly aussie, Cain, helped out with beta and a spot, so I was free to shoot some pictures!

A non-typical Hueco route- not an overhang! But a fun warm-down at the end of the day.

We left Hueco for San Antonio, where we made an Amazing Race type journey from Miami to Marathon. After two flights, three busses, a train, and a little bit of wandering around in the dark, we finally found the Pat and Lorrie, the Marina, the dinghy (named Blondie, because she's full of hot air and just a little dingy) and finally, Godspeed.

Cody steering on a day sail in the Boot Key area.

The weather has been fantastic- a little humid and in the 80's. It's so nice to be on the water!
Looking toward the galley. It's a small but efficient kitchen complete with stove, oven and refrigerator.

The table folds out for dinner. We haven't caught any fish yet- the recent cold snap killed a lot of fish, so food has been abundant, and the ones that survived the cold aren't biting. I'm sure they'll forget about it soon, and hopefully we'll see some pompano on our plates!

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods! We're certainly livin' the dream!

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