Monday, January 18, 2010

Photo Update: Red Rocks 2010

Climbing at Sunny and Steep.
Almost exactly a year ago, Cody proposed here!

After a fun day of climbing!

Red Rocks is a great winter climbing area because it's so close to Las Vegas. When it gets dark, around 6:00, we would go into the strip, instead of hanging out at camp, waiting for bedtime. We had a close encounter with a lioness at the MGM Grand. Pretty cool!
Once we saw the crowds in the Park where we were planning to climb, we decided to take a hike instead. We went up to the La Madre spring, a pretty little oasis. The guy who owned the land before it was acquired by the Park built a dam, so there's a pond.
Waiting out a cold and windy day at home in the van.
Cody and I are both getting better at guitar.
Visiting the Hoover Dam. They're building a big bridge down the Canyon from the Dam. The dam is almost upstaged by the new bridge- both are simply massive.

The architecture of the Dam is reminiscent of the 1930's, when it was built.

Cody and I are currently in Hueco Tanks State Historical Site in Texas. It's a fantastic bouldering area, and we're climbing our brains out. In a few days we catch a plane to Miami to see Pat and Lorrie Harris, aboard their sailboat. We'll keep you all posted on that adventure.

Well... off for some more sending..
I hope you're all living your dreams! To quote my Dad, "You could be in Haiti."
So enjoy what you're doing instead!

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