Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy May!

        We were delayed in leaving SLC for an extra day because the forecast called for rain and snow in Joe's Valley.  We stayed, once again, at the lovely Mannion residence. (Thanks PJ and Sarah!  We love you guys!)  The weather cleared up the next day, and we were off.   It's so good to be back in the van again!  
Snow?  What month is it again?

We couldn't just leave our houseplant!  It currently lives in the van with us, just in case we need some aloe vera for the tired skin on our fingers.

We had great weather in Joe's Valley- it was warm and sunny, a bit breezy. 
Here I'm working on Sit-Down Comedian, a really fun V5.  

Cody lookin' strong on Smokin' Joe (V9)!  
He sent it after two short sessions.

We play Scrabble in the evenings.  
I won the first game, but Cody came back in game 2.  
Game three will be a fierce match-  I've got to wipe that smug smile off his face!

Hanging out by the riverside.  Joe's is a beautiful place!

River Crossings!

         We're currently visiting my favorite sister-in-law in Montrose, Colorado.  We're heading up to Laramie in a few days for some granite crack climbing and the company of good friends.  

We're livin' the dream!  Hope you all are too!

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