Monday, May 24, 2010

We Jammin'... I hope you like jammin' too!

Before we made it to Laramie, we stopped in Grand Junction, Colorado, to visit our old friend Carrie Barber.  She took us on a wonderful bike ride along the banks of the Colorado River, and then kicked our butts with a kettlebell work out.  Thanks for having us Carrie!  

Laramie, or more specifically, Vedauwoo (pronounced Vee-dah-voo) is a crack climbing mecca.  We've been jamming to our hearts content-- which is whenever the Wyoming weather allowed it.  We saw snow a few times in the past weeks!  

Cody onsighted (climbed the route first try, without any information beforehand) this route, called Beefeater, 5.10b.  A beautiful route- vertical, perfect to thin hand crack.  Fun to take pictures of! 

Vedauwoo is most famous for the fat cracks that split many of the formations there.  It's a difficult, and not too pretty, kind of climbing, called offwidth climbing.  The crack is too big for hand or even fist jams, but too small to fit inside and climb like a chimney.  So, you're left with knees, elbows, and the heel-toe manuver.  Basically you grovel up the crack, one inch at a time.  No, really, it's fun!  

This is me on a classic beginner offwidth crack called Handjacker, 5.7.  I'm not even to the hard part yet!  

Cody on the classic boulder problem Cupcake, 5.10b.  

A happy hubby at Vedauwoo!  That's the "Coke Bottle" Formation behind him.  

Cody and Kelby racking up and discussing beta before climbing.

ps.. Anyone catch the Bob Marley reference?  We were doing lots of hand jammin'...  Anyone?

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