Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to build a climbing wall in 10 easy steps!

  This is the wall that Cody and I built at Expedition Academy, in Green River, Wyoming.   Vertical Solutions contracted the job, and Cody and I went out and built it for them.  It's a traverse wall- meaning that it's intended for climbing sideways.  I think it will be a fun addition to their high school PE class! 

Step 1:  Frame the wall with 2x4s. 

Step 2:  Pre-drill sheets of plywood, install tee-nuts. (Each tee-nut gets stuffed with a little bit of foam, to protect it from the textured paint.  We had roughly 800 tee nuts to install.  Lots of stuffing!)

Step 3:  Sheet the wall with the plywood.  

Step 4:  Putty the seams, sand the edges. 

Step 5:  Prime the wall.  
Wait for paint to dry.  
Step 6: Paint the wall.
Wait for paint to dry.
Step 7: Seal the wall.
Wait for paint to dry.

Step 8:  Bolt holds to the wall.

 Step 9:  Install fold-up pads. 

Step 10: Step back, cock head, admire handiwork. 
 Shake hands with the satisfied and excited PE teacher. 

Oh!  I forgot.  One more step:
Collect paycheck, pack up van, drive off to continue living dream. 

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