Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Frames are Finished!!

We got our material in a few days ago and last night I glued up frame #14, the last one.  We are so close to tipping up all the frames.  Its going to be very exciting.  Up until now we have just been building parts and coating things.  The "boat" has been spread all over the shop, but tomorrow we if all goes well we will stand all the frames up on the strongback and it will start looking like a real boat!

We also had time to laminate some deck beams las week.  

We are using 4 pieces of 1/2" material, which us with beams 2" by 1 3/4" 

This frame was covered with heavy glass cloth to protect it from abrasion/impact, as it will be one side of the anchor locker.

Beth; checking thickness after planing our frame material

This bulkhead is being covered in a thinner layer of glass cloth, just to seal it and prevent the wood from checking.  Here I'm wetting out he glass.

Yesterday was amazing, sunny and close to 60 degrees!! 

We found this scenic pond, I think it might have unintentionally formed due to the construction.  Anyway it was fun to sail and there was just enough wind.

So far this project has been everything we wanted.  It is so cool to watch this boat take shape and it rarely feels like work.  Hopefully we can keep this momentum up.  Well I better get back to the shop and prep the frames for tomorrow.

Beth and Cody

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