Saturday, March 31, 2012

Springs and Clamps

 The thing about this world of ours is that it just keeps on going.  A year ago, around this time, Cody and I lost a good friend.   The day after his funeral, a whole bunch of us got up in practically the middle of the night and drove to the hot springs in the town of Meadow, Utah, a favorite spot of his.   We got there just in time for the sunrise.  We did it again this year.  Cody and I rolled out of bed sometime around 3:30 am, met up with friends, and caravanned our way to the springs.  It was a beautiful morning, and we all had a great time, chatting and joking, diving to the bottom of the spring, throwing bits of slimy moss at each other.   A new tradition, perhaps, and a very peaceful, lighthearted way to spend a Saturday morning.  

 The boat project continues to occupy the majority of our spare time, but we make satisfying progress every day. We've got one more layer to laminate on the keel before it's complete and ready for shaping.  

We have 29 clamps.  We use each and every one.  Often.  

Lots of epoxy!  For each lamination, we try to get a nice even layer on the length of the board, then clamp it until it oozes out.  

Here I am planing some boards we'll use for chine pieces.  The planer cuts an even layer of wood from the face of the board, making it an even thickness over it's entire length.   You would be surprised how uneven some of the rough lumber we use can be!  We fill our trash can with wood shavings at least twice whenever we plane a load of wood.    

Here, Cody cuts notches for the chine piece, which will run from bow to stern along the corners of the frames. 

Things are rolling right along here.  The weeks seem to pass by before I have a chance to realize.  But spring is springing, and we're loving the warm weather and all the blooming trees and tulips.   

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