Saturday, August 25, 2012

Interior update

It has been more of the same here in Salt Lake, Beth and I have been working a lot.  Beth has been managing at Cucina a few days a week and I have been working on a remodel part time.  Because of all this real work, the boat has been a little slower than normal.  But here's what we have been working on...

 Much of my effort lately has been put into our built in water tanks.  I coated them 3 times with epoxy to make sure they were water tight, then 3 coats of this potable water safe epoxy paint.
The fun started when I had to bond the lids/floor of the boat on.  I had to put the lids on and then reach in through those holes to put fillets around all the spots the lid was contacting.  These fillets make sure that the tank will be water tight, and hold the lid down.

It was a tough job.  You can't just look in and see any of the fillets, so Beth and I took turns taking photos of the inside of the tank.  If you weren't on photo duty they you were laying on the tank with your entire arm inside trying to smear epoxy in the spots where you saw void in the picture.  

 The v-berth is just about finished, Beth has painted most of it, she's starting to work on varnishing the frames working on the cabinet fronts.  We had a good amount of salvaged teak and mahogany from the Tartan, but not enough to do the whole boat.  So we are using teak and mahogany for the v-birth, but the rest of the boat will likely be something else.

We have both been wearing a respirator when painting, and can't help talking like Bane from the new Batman movie.  

Here you can see we have built a rough mock-up of the kitchen, the sink will be over by the ladder and the stove/oven goes in the section closest to us.  

Next I will start on the dinette.  These smaller projects are so fun to work on, its motivating to be able to see things going together and be able to check off little sections of the boat as complete.

Hopefully photos of the v-birth with the teak/mahogany varnished and installed for next time. 
Cody and Beth

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