Tuesday, September 11, 2012


          It seems hard to get started on these interior projects, in a boat of this size space is not to be wasted, and every thing interacts with everything else.  If we move the dinette(booth table) it shortens the navigation desk, if we make the benches longer and more spacious then the galley will be cramped.  It is an ongoing process of assigning importance to each area and then compromising on the least important.  
           The dinette and galley are very important to us, so we decided to compromise elsewhere.   I designed the dinette to accommodate 2 people comfortably or 4 people cozy.  It is raised up from the cabin floor about a foot, which gives us a great little storage area, and puts head height of the people sitting high enough to look out the windows.

The dinette starting to take shape 

 Here it is almost completed, we made cupboards at the ends of the dinette, which will have doors eventually.  And a section of the seat lifts out to allow access quite a bit of storage.

Enjoying a quick break on the comfort of our new piece of furniture.

The V-berth nears completion, Its that last 10% that's the hardest. The teak and mahogany were salvaged from the Tartan.  We are thinking of doing the rest of doors and drawer faces out of VG fir with mahogany border.

 Half of the v-birth flips up gaining access to lots of storage

 Beth finish sanding the the dinghy mast by hand, trying to get any lumps and bumps out.  Beth also decided on a name for her little dinghy:  Her Majesty
Marine stove usually cost in the range of $1000-$1500.  Since we can't afford that kind of luxury, we bought this awesome RV stove for $25.  It probably will get rusty after a few years, but we couldn't pass up that color!!  Can't wait to put it in.

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