Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Boat Stuff

 Kind of a slow week here in Salt Lake, my ankle is healing up, and I can get around now, but by no means at full speed.  Its very hard for me to take it easy, especially now, the weather makes me want to get outside and climb, and I'm at a really fun spot on the boat project.  The good thing about having a hurt ankle is that I am bored enough to want to update the blog at more reasonable intervals.    So here is what I've got.

This is the gimbal setup for the stove/oven that I was talking about last week.  Its a plywood base, where the stove will attach to, then welded those side support triangles which rest on a bolt that sticks out on each side.  This was the first time I have welded stainless steel and I TIG welded them, which is quite a bit different than the arc welding I'm used to.  They turned out ok, plenty strong, but not very pretty.  I think I will have plenty of practice in the future.

 I went out to Magna UT the other day to visit the RV junkyard, where I picked up our sink.  Its not installed yet, but thats where it will go.
The galley has been quite a puzzle to put together, these are all waiting to be glued into place to create, shelves and drawers and door frames.
Here is a drawer, ready to be glued together. The bottom piece fits into the grooves cut into the side pieces.  Nothing fancy, but strong and easy to build.   

Drawer being glued and clamped. You truly can't have too many clamps.

This is a little side project I'm starting.  I won't need these pieces for a few weeks, but I like to try and stay a little ahead of the game.  Actually I just want a break from sanding or some other brain draining activity.  So, what I'm building are carlins, they are laminated out of several pieces and I'm using the side of the boat to get the shape right.  They will be the base of the cabin sides, which follow the same curve as the sides, hence using the boat as a form.

To be clear, they are not glued to the boat yet, they go inboard at the base of the cabin.  Lots of terminology, its confusing for sailors as well.  Beth and I went sailing yesterday and our skipper Brian a sailor of 50+years was getting things mixed up.  

 Enjoy the fall, do something awesome!

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