Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Interiors and Visitors

It's been a fun and productive few weeks down at the boat shop.  Cody has been cranking out the interior;  the galley is nearing completion, the aft cabin is pretty much done...  His progress is very visible, which is fun!  It's crazy to look back and see how far we've come in such a short time.  

Kitchen drawer assembly line!  Simple, strong construction.  These drawers are now assembled and faced with Vertical Grain fir, with Mahogany and fir trim.  I've been working on sanding and varnishing the faces lately.  I think I should be able to finish them this afternoon.   

This is our aft cabin.  In this photo, it's just framed in.  

Here is the aft cabin again, with the floor/bed platform glued in.  It's big enough for two to sleep in, and sits just  below the cockpit.  We had originally planned to run the cabin along the side of the hull, so that you would sleep with your head pointing toward the bow, and feet at the stern.  We started mocking that design up, and there just wasn't enough room for it to be practical- it would have been like sleeping in a coffin.  So we rotated the bed 90 degrees, so now you'll sleep athwartships- head on the starboard side, feet on the port.  This will be our "guest room,"  and I hope we'll have lots of chances to use it!   

There's lots of space beneath the aft cabin, and we have to take advantage of every inch.  You can see we've cut several access hatches in the floor of the aft cabin.  

My Mom and Dad came out for a visit to Salt Lake, while on their "Offspring Tour 2012."  My mom coined the name of the tour.  I'm pretty sure she has no idea who The Offspring are.  They went to Chicago to visit my youngest sister, Grace,  then to Asheville to see Amy.    I think they're really enjoying their empty nest!  While they were here, my Dad built us our first cabin-top deck beam!   

We had a great time with my folks- I'm so grateful that we all get along so well!  Unfortunately, the weather was some of the worst of the year- rain and snow, but we managed to snag a sunny window to take a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon.  We walked to a waterfall, and drove up to the ski resorts- I hope we inspired a ski trip out here this winter!  Alta and Snowbird were just receiving their first snow of the season, and I saw the look my Dad had in his eye.....   

We also had a great, GREAT meal at Forage.  If you are looking for the best dining experience in the state of Utah- perhaps the whole mountain west, go there.  I mean it.  

Remember scarf joints?  We're at it again, gluing up the cockpit floor.  

Cody's getting so creative with his clamping techniques.  In this photo, we're looking at the floor of the foot well in the cockpit- that piece of plywood that's been scarfed together.  
To reinforce this structure, we've glued wood fillets along the corners. 
 Now, the white cross pieces in this photo are resting not on the floor of the cockpit, but only on their ends, on those wood fillets- the pressure from those lead bricks is pressing outward, not down!  
Pretty clever,  Mr. Harris, pretty clever.  

The Galley has probably been the most exciting progress we've made lately.  You can see where all those drawers are going to go.  Cody is attaching the under-mount sink, while I am supposed to be handing him his drill, screws and screwdriver.  Instead I'm taking photos of him and laughing at this ridiculous position he's gotten himself into.    

 Once that sink was mounted beneath the counter top, Cody routed the holes out on top.  

Look at that!  I have a nearly complete galley- with an awesome, deep double sink!  
Sorry I laughed at you, honey. 

Cody had some paying work yesterday, so I did some sanding, then took advantage of a dust-free shop to get some painting done.  Here's the sea-berth/couch, painted and looking pretty!  

Happy Halloween everyone!  

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