Saturday, November 10, 2012


We started off with good, or should I say different intentions than what is now happening on the boat.  People often tell you that the interior, particularly the finish work takes a huge portion of total boat time.    Of course our response to this was to say that we would simplify the interior joinery and just have painted drawer fronts and formica countertops.  Well it hasn't worked out that way....
This is where it started, instead of simple painted drawer fronts we decided to do VG Fir trimmed with mahogany with a stripe of Fir.  This as you can imagine is a considerable upgrade in appearance and labor.

Beth has been doing a great job varnishing all the drawer fronts.

Upgrade-itis is now in full effect, its just so easy to say "we have worked so hard on the rest of the boat and it isn't that much more money/labor".  But it is! And we can't stop.  Its a snow ball effect.  Anyway here is the latest, copper coutertops, above I'm glueing the countertop to the sheet of copper.

And here is the finished product.  I bent the copper up for a seamless backsplash and added striped mahogany rails around the edges.  Another upgrade was to under mount the sink.  Where will it end?

Beth and I caught one of the last sunny fall days and went on a short hike up Little Cottonwood.  This is the Lisa falls area the creek forms multiple waterfalls and pools down the narrow canyon.

Ok, this is not an upgrade, this was planned all along so maybe we are slowing down.  This is going to be our icebox (built in cooler). I am using the same "stitch and glue" techniques that beth used to build her dinghy.  

After I got it all stitched together i hung it in the same fashion that it will hang in the boat and put thickened epoxy fillets on all the seams.

By using copper wire I don't have to remove the wires after the glue dries, as copper won't rust and become a mess.

In the end we are happy with the upgrades we have decided to go with.  Its just so much more fun to build something that you really think looks good.  We figure if you can't have a lot of counter space or drawers you might as well make the ones you've got really nice.

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