Sunday, March 17, 2013

Off the Beaten Path


Driving an armored steel-wheeled trash crushing dozer over a trash pile surrounded by seagulls!
Get SOME!!!

Ok, how did we get to this crazy place?  Here it is....

Some months ago I noticed another trashy boat on KSL classifieds, the guy wanted $800 for it so Beth and I drove to provo to take a look.  It looked like a good boat to salvage, but wasn't worth it for $800.  The ad had been gone for months, but I still had the guys number in my phone so one day after realizing that we needed more lead I called the boat owner up.  He said he still had the boat and that it was mine for $300 if I wanted it. 

 The price was right so Beth and I borrowed a truck from our friend John Little and went to Provo to pick it up.  The trailer was in BAD shape; taking this calamity on the freeway was out of the question.  So with no trailer lights, safety chains or reasonable tire pressure we cast off onto the side roads that would lead us back to the shop.  At one point I was stressed about having people following me so I ran a yellow light pretty hard to get rid of them and wouldn't you know there was pothole in the intersection which as I saw in my side-view mirror had the boat and trailer airborne. 

We made it back and spent a few hours taking anything of value off, including 800lbs. of lead.  Then a few days later we borrowed the truck and dropped it off at the "Tilt Base" section of the dump.  We simply unhitched boat and trailer just left them for the monster dozers to destroy.  

Boat progress is steady, here I'm applying the VG fir to the cabin sides.

A little curved trim and more fir planking.

Here you can see the toerail which Beth and I wrestled into place as well as the ready-for-varnish cabin sides.  

I have been asking around for where I could pour our lead keel and not be messed with and I think I have found just the place.  My friend John was telling me about this place the he and his friends go to shoot guns and it sounded perfect so after retuning with his truck form the dump I mentioned that we should go scout it out sometime John said "Anytime, I bring some guns" .  So anytime became right then. We loaded Beths car up with guns and ammo and headed out to the desert.  The place looks perfect for keel pouring, and here are some videos of the rest of the day.  

I don't know why, but Beth shooting guns is quite entertaining

Here I'm shooting an exploding target, it was much louder and cooler in real life.  The canyon echoes on and on.

And the Last shot of the day

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