Thursday, February 21, 2013

We put a lid on it!

Before I get into a boat update, take a look at these photos.

For those of you who haven't been to our boat shop, its not in the wilderness, it pretty much in the middle of the city, except for the creek that runs by.  The weather has been almost good enough to eat on the dock again, so I walked over to take a look and noticed one of the trees was halfway cut through.  In disbelief that there was a beaver around we took a closer look and found little beaver paw prints.  

This tree is a little farther down the way, its amazing to me that these animals are living here in Salt Lake City.  We are hoping that our little neighbor builds a dam, but despite falling one tree already he/she has yet to land one in the creek.  I just watched this beaver video, I hope those little rascals stick around.  We could use more wood workers and less chop shops in the complex.

Speaking of wood working.  I bought a bunch of mahogany a little while ago to use for exterior trim and got around to using most of it this week.  This is the scarf joint in one of the toe rails.  These rails give you something to brace your feet against when walking up the side decks.  Usually the scarf joints are cut to feather edges, but because this joint will be exposed to hard use we left the ends square.  This will keep them from chipping or splitting.  

Our two toe rails, ready to be installed.  They are about 27 ft. long, you can see the scuppers(drain holes) that are cut out in the middle.  The scuppers of course allow any water that makes its way onto the deck to quickly drain overboard.

The Cabin Top!!

We just cut out the windows, its wild how much like a real boat its starting to look.

Beth taping off an area to be painted, I have pretty much left the interior to her and am now focusing on the exterior and getting it ready for paint.   Which believe it or not isn't that far away!

The interior looks great, the ceiling will be painted white except for the beams, and there will be windows on the left side as well. 

Beth and I are headed to Saint George for the weekend to do some much needed climbing, and maybe some suntanning.  

Always psyched, Cody and Beth

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