Saturday, February 9, 2013

One Year Mark

It has officially been one year since we started work on the boat! 
Hard to believe it's been that long. And only that long.  

Here's the shop on February 15th, 2012.  Lots of brand-new tools, not a stitch of sawdust...
Things have certainly changed!  What a year it's been!   

Our latest progress has been pretty exciting.  We've installed the cabin sides and roof, and it really feels different to be inside the boat, with everything enclosed.  I can't wait to put in the portlights! 

The cabin roof was definitely the largest piece of plywood we've ever created.  It took four large scarf joints and three sheets of plywood.  It was quite a bear to wrestle up onto the boat.  

Here it is, pre-coated and ready to go. 

Getting from point A to point B..... Can be tricky.  Especially when there's wet epoxy on everything.

But we made it!  And check out that camber!  (The curve of the roof)  
We used stainless steel screws to hold the curve.  It's under so much tension, we decided some mechanical fasteners should remain in there.     

These handles are alongside the companionway, to allow us to get in and out easily. 
 They're also handy for clamping the roof on.  

Here's to another year of living dreams.....

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  1. just had to comment on your blog. found you on the noisy plume so I figured I had to check you guys out. great adventures, from another rock-climbing, adventure-loving wild woman from the west.