Monday, December 31, 2012


Once upon a time...  
There was a place called "Christmas."

Cody and I decided to go there. 
We found ourselves a Snow Beast, (on loan),

Strapped on some snowshoes, and headed out to find Christmas.  

We found it!  And some friends.  

We played hockey on a frozen pond- and even though it was very cold, we stayed toasty warm.  
Cody and I even won the hockey game.  

We were rewarded with gifts and buffalo steak. 
The End.
Thank you Gramma Jane for the most amazing sweater! 


Using lots of clamps and as much pressure as I could physically manage, I glued the knee together!

The end grain of my knee, 12 1/8" laminations.

Here it is holding up the table, the knee is more than strong enough, but the table flexes a little.

Beth wanted a table that opened up so she can store trinkets and other stuff.  This requirement ended up working great, it gave the table enough strength to cantilever the whole way and not sag.  I recessed the hinges and then veneered over them, so you can't really see them at all.

The companion way ladder, the sides are VG fir and the treads are some of the salvaged Teak from the Tartan we ransacked.

Beth gluing in the vent line for one of the water tanks.

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