Sunday, January 13, 2013

Riding the storm out

Winter is seriously here now, we were hoping for a repeat of last the mild winter we had last year, but no such luck.  We had about 10 days of highs in the 20's, followed by well over a foot of snow overnight.  Now the snow has gone, but the cold has returned, at least its crystal clear and sunny.

I got stuck for the last week helping a friend on a remodel here in SLC, so I haven't been able to work much on the boat.   However Beth has been picking up my slack and gluing up the beams for the cabin roof.  

I got the mast step in finally, its a big chunk of Ash with two layers of plywood on top.  The plywood ensures that the subsequent layers of Ash won't split.  This is where the mast will rest, the channel at the back of it is where any water that makes it into the mast will drain.  I used heavy 8" lag bolts to hold it in between the floor timbers.

This is a new addition.  That arrow looking piece is what is called a breasthook.  It helps tie the bow together and gives us a place to bolt the bowsprit to.

Super exciting!  Finally the deck is going on.  I scarfed 2+ sheets of 1/2" ply together to make one giant foredeck piece.  Then Beth and I wrestled it into place, marked where we would glue it and painted the rest.  The less overhead painting the better!

Those to cutouts will be Delorean style doors that open into the anchor locker.  I don't know why Beth is in there.

Just finishing up glueing the foredeck down.  In typical fashion we used minimal amounts of screws and will pull them out as soon as the epoxy sets up.

We just glued up the cabin top beams, using the side of the boat as a form to get the curve right.

Clamp limbo.  Its a pattern in the pants.

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